“Yo-Yo Climbing” Pancakess

Welp.  The yo-yo, as it always does, made itself back up.  There is nothing worse than reaching your goals, then losing it when you are back at work/ under stress/ crazy busy.

Back to school this year killed me.  I finally felt like I was getting the hang at my grade level, and I planned to continue my workout regimen.   This quickly took a backseat because for some reason this year, I felt like a new teacher all over again.  I have a new batch of kids that are completely different than my old group.  They are a lot less independent and need a way closer type of instruction.  All the strategies I learned the previous two years just didn’t work and I had to adapt– on the spot.

It was all work no play for a few steady weeks.  I am also working on tenor this year and I signed up for 3 extracurricular roles of leadership (CRAZY BOOTS).  Countless crying sessions and staying at work way too late.  I stopped eating at work (even now, I rarely have time to shovel lunch in because I am always doing something/getting something done), and fell back into my huge ginormous meal binge-y ways.  Wine and liquor comforted me..

By the time Thanksgiving came just a few days ago, I quickly realized I was back in the same shoes as last year….. Frustrated, stressed, lethargic, and just unsatisfied.

I am also applying for school to become a school administrator.  No way will I let this loss of self trickle into my classes this upcoming January.

Time to ride this yo-yo back down, and hopefully a lot smoother and faster.


Trying Sweet Sweat and baked Protein Muffins…. New gym hairstyle, and I dusted off the old blue tooth headphones…


Talk soon. . .

♥p. pancakess



“New Goals” Pancakess

I finally made my Video Diary Update after the Back to the Future Challenge.  I also included at the end the little snippets I recorded at our workouts:

Like I said, I didn’t lose any weight on the challenge but I did take pictures in the same bikini, trying to do the same pose=

IMG_2979 IMG_2980

If you squint readily hard, you may see a slight difference… 🙂

SO now moving forward, I have unrelated scale goals to reach…

1. I want to improve my run/jog mile to less that 9 minutes:


2. Wear Nike Pro Shorts Working Out!!!

3. Buy Nike Pro Shorts!

4. Bring Body Fat Down to < 20%

Until the next post!



♥p. pancakess

“Challenge” Pancakess Day 7 & Reflection


YAAAAAAS! 7 days later, I finished the Back to the Future Challenge!!!

We began at 192 by the park and completed our stretch.  Then the trainers told us there would be a new route… Tone stayed behind to run the castle first.  I finally downloaded the Nike running app and decided to use it for the first time today.  I usually use my Polar FT map, but I liked that the Nike one tells you when you’ve reached a mile, your total time so far, and your pace/mile.  My first mile was 11:15 which I was pretty happy about because I was so sore lol.

After the castle we ran straight down to 181st, then across to Amsterdam, then down to 172.  Here there was a little park that led to High Bridge, a small pedestrian walkway that leads to the Bronx. We did some drills first while we waited for the rest of the group before we took off across.  Once across we did jump squats up the stairs for a few rounds.

IMG_1948 IMG_1935

Not those stairs lol… Those were pretty steep and scary as hell though.  Walking back up them to the Manhattan side really made our legs burn…

Once back on the Manhattan side we ran back across town to the West side and down to 125th.  There is a little park there where we finished up with drills- 20 resistance band rows/squats, 20 elevated pushups on the bench, so jump squats, and 20 dips.  Even my knees were sweating:

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“Challenge” Pancakess Day 6


Today (August 14) was the 6th day.  Check out that sunset!

I got a knee brace for my right knee.. LOL It looks like a peril…

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 12.05.42 AM

We mostly ran and did some cardio drills (wall sits, jumping jacks, leg switches, squat jumps, and star jumps)

The brace really helped and I wore a pair of Aasics I had… I consciously ran a lot “softer” and really didn’t feel much pain!

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 12.05.29 AM IMG_1879 IMG_1875


Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 12.06.57 AM

♥p. pancakess

“Challenge” Pancakess Day 5

Today (August 13) was the 5th day!!  I felt good on my way out.. I decked myself in some cute workout clothes.. Fabletics tops and Online Legging Store Peacock Leggings I had purchased MONTHS ago and never wore.. I also wore my Sketchers Go Run Sneakers that had been apart of a bunch of testers I received.  The last time I wore them was for my big run to 72nd street at the end of the last challenge.  I had developed blisters and had to almost limp home- I figured they were broken in now….


We started in the park as always and did our group stretch.  It was very obvious that a lot of people were missing.  People could have been burned out or busy or whatnot, but it just meant more time for us to be focused on… Uh oh…

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“Challenge” Pancakess Day 4

Gosh it’s only day 4 : |

Today’s bootcamp was cardio/ab day (August 12)!  We began again with our team stretch….

I was thrilled as you can see….


Then we broke up into groups again and did my bench drills like yesterday…. Jump squats, push ups, step-ups, mountain climbers…. After that we headed to run the castle and then run to Yankee Stadium…

WHATTT? Run to Yankee Stadium???? I whined in my head.  First off, although I was born and raised in NYC, I’ve never been to Yankee Stadium… Especially not to run there… Did I mention I hate running??

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“Challenge” Pancakess Day 3

Officially going a little cray cray. Okay maybe not cray cray.. Just one of those days…

Pre Workout “Feeling Myself” Selfie …

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.31.14 AM

We had our 3rd workout (August 11).  My damn Polar stopped midway which for some reason DRIVES ME INSANE.  Like I NEED to know how my workout faired.. I NEED numbers.. It’s a little ridic..

Anywho, we began today with our team stretch.  Everyone was dreading it a little (a lot) because 1) LEG DAY 2) Our endpoint was announced to be 165th– this is very close by so we knew there would be more time for torture. 3) This bootcamp is rain or shine and t was going to POUR…


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“Challenge” Pancakess Day 2

Today (August 10) was the 2nd day of the Back to the Future Challenge and my 3rd day in a row running… I AM NOT A RUNNER!! And it has been tough!!!!

I started the day going to the beach.  Even though I knew I had to be back for bootcamp by 7pm,  I just decided to go.


I tried to take some nice “progress pics” to compare to the beginning of the summer beach pics but that did NOT work out….

Anyway, once I drove the hour plus back from the beach and rushed off straight to bootcamp, I realized how BEAT I was from the day in the sun.  Plus I still felt sore from the double workout Sunday… Well.  I was 15 minutes late and missed the group stretch.  As I was walking into the meet up park area, I passed a group of people running from the beginning/ intermediate group.  I seriously contemplated just running off with them.  BUT I knew I should continue pushing myself and stay with the advanced group.

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“Challenge” Pancakess Day 1

Weeeeell. Today is Sunday August 9, and officially the first day of the Back to the Future Bootcamp challenge.

Boy, was it a tough day.

First, the night before I was tossing and turning until 3am.  Yeah, I knew I had to be up by 6:30am latest and I did NOT want to be late, but I just had so much on my mind… I did somehow wake up…  all nervous and anxious.

 My good friend Lizzy that I met in bootcamp didn’t even make it– she slept through her alarm >:-|

This is us during our first workout together, July 7


(Sidenote: it’s funny how complete strangers in a setting like this can become so supportive and so understanding!  I’ve met SO many great like-minded people at PRX but it’s funny how she and I met.  She was in the bootcamp on and off for a year or so and when I did my first challenge in April, she was participating in a different time slot.  But I guess with #tags and mutual friends, we followed each other on IG and exchanged numbers.  We planned to be partners soon…  If it weren’t for her, I’m not so sure I would have signed up for double challenges in July!  She really motivated and supported me not to give up, especially with the dreaded running..  It’s the good people out there like that you can’t help but appreciate ❤ )

Anyway, once I got there, we were told to do laps until the whole group arrived– 7am weekend meet-up time is not very realistic 🙂  Normally I would just walk it but I actually jogged the 3 laps and I felt such a substantial difference in my stamina from just a little over a month ago (I restarted PRX July 6).

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“Challenge” Pancakess Day 0

Welp.  Tomorrow officially begins the 1 week “Back to the Future” challenge… Excited and nervous to blog and video it, and really hoping that pushes me to have the best results EVERRRR….

I woke up determined and even got a little run/jog in….  I even dared to go bare aka not even brows or mascara… Which me TRUE friends would probably not even believe, as I always leave the house with AT LEAST brows ….Oh well… I had sunglasses on most of the time 😀

FullSizeRender1 IMG_12211

Just as I had let my blog fall to the wayside, I realized today I also forgot about my videos.  I really wish I had kept up with them monthly as I did in the beginning.  I started my first one around Thanksgiving 2014, so sad and down about having regained weight lost.  Its pretty sad to look back and watch even now! My voice, face, and body language was already so defeated… Oh man…   I didn’t start doing entries in my bikini from the beginning (you’re welcome) but today was the 3rd one I had.  Although there is a pretty large gap– 5 months later– I took stills of my ramblings and it was cool to see side by side:

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